Why do guys not want to have a relationship with me?

I've always wondered if I am attractive or not. I came across tmy now best friend who is my fun bright spot and she has brought out my confidence and I feel more of a go getter/outgoing person, but it's still hard to know. I've only been asked out a couple times and I'm 20 for pete's sake. Never been in a serious relationship because the guys just want one thing ( I find out) and usually we aren't together in the first place we just date once maybe twice. Most times when the guy had asked me out I ended up saying no because he didn't get paid (why would you not save up knowing we're going on a date a week or 2 in advance) and they wanted me to pay and I just don't think that's right for a first date with someone.

I have straight bright natural blond hair shoulder length, blue green eyes. I am nicely curvacious and overall good looking. I love to have fun, laugh and goof around. I'm intelligent, caring, easy going and my friends tell me I'm an awesome person to be around. I play video games, go to college for architecture, and hang out with my friends with most of my time. So why does no body want to go out with me? I've wondered this a long time. One of my friends said jokingly when she was talking about ourselves, "maybe we are just too attractive to approach". So is that why? Is it just because guys my age are like this? Is it me? or something else? ugh I just don't know...it's something I've needed to figure out. And asking friends doesn't help since I can't get a good perspective on the subject. so help? Please?
Why do guys not want to have a relationship with me?
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