If a guy says we should hang out sometime.. does he really mean it?

t was my last day at work and he said we should hang out sometime, like go over to his place, or something then in a card my work gave me he wrote I'm sure I will be seeing you during the summer.. it been a few days.. so was he just being a polite

We have kissed before.. but I don't know if he really likes me or if I am ever going to hear from him. He said he would text me this weekend, but he might be busy so he wasn't sure we could do something.. and I Haven't heard from him.

Like when the hell is sometime?


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  • you just need to wait or don't wait should I say, take his word with a pinch of salt until he gets in touch, x


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  • I think he was being sincere and may have some interest in you, but I would put all my eggs in his basket. Sometime can be weeks or months from now. I would just try to put him out of your mind unless he calls. If he really wants to hook up with you, you'll here from him.

    • well I won't contact him.