When a guy replies FAST with SHORT answers?? :D

So I like this dude... we've been talking for over a month and whenever we text he texts back reeeaaallly fast like somewhere between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, even when he's playing video games. But sometimes the answers half the time are just like "LOL :D" or a smiley face or tongue face. I mean, its not always short answer but he likes to flirt and tease me a lot xD but sometimes he just stops replying and even if I text him a couple hours later he doesn't text back. its really confusing...


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  • He probably just doesn't know what to say and doesn't want to appear dull, so he waits for you to bring up something he can actually talk about.

    That or he has something else that he's doing. It could be whatever.

    But the fact that he texts you back quickly most of the time means he's interested in you... or just has no one else to talk to and is craving conversation.


    • Thanks :) that makes sense :) he'll usually even tell me he's watching his favorite show or playing video games and he still texts back fast as ever. But sometimes he just stops texting. He's really shy though and when I talk to him in person he usually smiles or laughs at the things I say but doesn't make eye contact. But when I'm around him he's only initiated conversation a couple times and sometimes when we do talk he looks really emotionless. He has made a marriage joke about us once xD

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