Does spooning mean anything to guys?

The other night I stayed over this guys house who I have a crush on and we spooned and fell asleep together. The whole time he seemed like he wanted to be really close to me but he never kissed me so I'm unsure how he's feeling about me :/


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  • Is it possible that he likes you but wants to take it slow before he knows if you're interested? Sometimes guys don't know if a girl likes them, so they don't make a move (especially if they are good friends and want to stay friends). if that might be the case, then try showing him that you're interested ;)
    There was one guy who I sort of liked and he would show me that he was interested, because he was-but he was also interested in a ton of other girls. He had a LIST of girls that he thought he had a chance with, so he was flirting with ALL OF THEM. I stopped liking him pretty quickly; being on a list made me feel dispensable and not special/important at all. Even though I'm the only one he takes to work and introduces to others, I don't feel comfortable knowing that he'd just move on to the next girl on the list like I'm an object, a trophy to be won. if you're friends on Facebook or any social media make sure that he isn't overly friendly to several girls, and if possible ask a mutual friend or one of his friends.
    The guy that I currently like probably likes me too (he really acts like we're already a couple), but he is already in a relationship and is afraid to break up with his girl because she wouldn't ever speak to him again. Maybe he needs some time to organize his feelings and make a decision, and maybe he needs to spend more time with you before he knows how he feels. In that case, spend more time with him. It will give you a better idea of his level of interest and give him more information with which he can make a better informed decision.
    Good luck! I wish you the best in your love life :)


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  • I would bet anything he had a release in his pants. Just saying.

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