What does spooning mean to a guy?

I had 5 of my close friends come out to my ranch, and we grilled steaks and burgers and then all of us went on a walk through my pasture, came back to the house, ate and then build a fire and all of layer down on the blankets. There were four guys and one girl so I was gonna go sit with her but there ended up being no room so I went an latest down next to one of my guy friends. I'm super close with all the guys so it's not weird if we're laying close to each other but there is an understood boundary that neither of us ever cross because that would be weird. So we're all chatting and I asked my guy friend if I could bend one of my legs under his cause I was laying on my stomach and it hurt my back to lay straight. He said that was fine so we laid like for a while but then he shifted to his side so did I so we ended up spooning. Every time I would shift he would too, so that there was absolutely no room between us at all. Then my toes were freezing so I moved then under the blanket and he intertwined his feet with mine and got-if possible-ever closer. I didn't wrap my arm around his waist cause I didn't want him to get the wrong idea but I rested it on his side. All of us were just dozing by the fire and when they had to go home he asked if he could jut stay the night-which is normal cause I've slept at his house before-cause he didn't want to move and when I would move at all he would always bring me back to him. He ended up going home but I was just wondering spooning means anything to a guy or not? Cause I have feelings for him but we're really close friends so I don't want to ruin our friendship.
What does spooning mean to a guy?
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