Should I worry at all that he sucks at making plans?

In person everything is great, so please don't say 'he might break up with you'... because I don't think he'd do that because we have a blast together all the time.

Thing is, when I ask "When can you hang out next" he usually always says "I don't know" and when it comes to planning on seeing him again he sucks at it, to be blunt. It makes me worry that he doesn't like being with me, even if he says things like 'i like you' and 'i like being with you'... Should I worry? What should I do about it?


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  • Be more assertive about getting him to make plans. Make the plans yourself, or try to involve him more in the process.

    If that doesn't work, just ask him why he always seems to reluctant to make plans with you. If you just sit around and wonder what the heck is up with him then things'll just continue like the way they are now. If you wanna spend time with him, make it happen!

    • I just don't want to be too clingy, because I usually make the plans.

    • That's understandable.

      Maybe try backing off a bit then? I know you want to see him and stuff but he probably doesn't realize how much of a problem he's creating by being so uncooperative.

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  • Some people don't like to plan everything and be more spontaneous instead.

    • but he's not spontaneous he hardly makes plans himself

    • Spontaneous is the opposite of making plans. You live moment by moment without making plans...

    • but he's not even spontaneous

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  • why don't you make the plans and see if he agrees with it? or maybe he is just a sucky boyfriend!

    • i usually do make the plans myself

    • ehh that does suck he needs to throw you some suprises!

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