Why do men think women can't relate to their issues?

I personally think men and women are just as bad at each other but girls have it a lot worse physically maybe im being biased and ill probably get hate on this because im a women whose probably got a different opinion to at least 50% of the men on this site which probably makes me a "feminist bitch".

a lot of guys on here are always going on about how shallow women are. But all they want is money and sex from men but i don't see men as any different when it comes to womens looks and behaviour.

Girls have just as much pressure on being pretty and feminine as men do being successful and masculine.

Most modern men think pain is any situation where their ego gets hurt, gob help us if we ever have a war. Men will never have to deal with worrying about if their periods gonna come or not and if not how they would deal with that situation. No man has been shamed for leeking. No man has to push a baby out there vag and then be expected to take responsibility for it whilst the man has the choice to run.

Women are much stronger than people think. We deal with physical and emotional pain all the time but are expected to just suck it up and keep it to are selfs just like men are expected to keep their emotions to themselves but now a days it's more accepted for men to talk about their feelings but women will still get told what to do with their bodys and made to feel embarrassed about getting their period.

Im not making it a competition who has it harder but I just think men should think before they are constantly moaning about how hard they have it just because a girl rejected them and how evil women are. If you constantly play victim there's probably a reason women don't like you. I understand men have issues to but wish they would realise women have it just as bad. Life is shit and its fucked us all over once or twice and its not gonna get any better if you constantly blame others for it instead of taking responsibility for yourself.
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Think I've came to the conclusion men abd women will just never agree with each other on certain matters when it comes to gender.
Why do men think women can't relate to their issues?
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