Should I go camping with them? What does this mean?

So the guy I'm seeing, Jason, every August long weekend, his family has a reunion.. The "Adults" go to the Casino in Niagara Falls and the "kids" go camping...

He's invited me to go camping with them for the long weekend, its all the cousins and various bf/gf/spouses...

Will be about 30 people give or take, between 14-29 in age...

I'm new to camping, but like it so far.. and I like him..

So I want to go... but should I? will it be awkward?

Does this mean we'd be more then just "seeing" each other?

He hasn't said it.. but to me, this seems like something...

More committed..


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  • Yeah, I think you should go! He's inviting you to hang around his family and friends. It sounds like he wants to move on from "seeing you" and that this he's using this as a segue out of that stage.

    And camping is so much fun. I haven't done it in a while and I miss it! Don't worry, you will be in a group of people and camping doesn't take a whole lot of skill, you just have to be willing to be outdoors for a couple of nights. You'll learn fast, trust me =)

    He may not have mentioned the whole thing about "being more than seeing each other", but this invite definitely implies that he's thinking about it. I think he wants to see how well you mesh with the people in his life, and if you really like him I'm sure you'll like them and they'll like you =)

    • yeah... that is what I was thinking...

      I'll be meeting his sisters for the first time...

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  • I think you should go. If he's inviting you to spend a considerable about of time with him and his family then that does show a very strong interest. At the same time though, slow down on the committed thing. I'm not sure how long you've been seeing him, but don't let your expectations get ahead of his especially if you don't know what his expectations are yet. Just enjoy the time you spend with him and bring up the whole committed thing at a later time.

  • Never go camping with jason he will kill you lol learn from his movies

    • They didn't go with him.. and that was at a lake no?

    • It was at a place called camp crystal lake..anywho back to your my book when you introdoce your boyfriend girlfriend to your family it means a step higher in the you want to be in a committed relationship?if yes go if its just sex then don't go you ywo won't have time for sex with all those peole around

    • well, at night we'd be alone in our tent...

      But we haven't had "sex" yet..

      I'm trying this "go slow" thing...

      Tho.. I'm not that good at it lol

  • Bringing you around the fam is definitely more committed. I take it it's not what you want tho?

  • is it your ex again ?

    • no.. not the ex.. the guy I started seeing after I broke up with the ex

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  • I think you should go if you don't mind being seen as a couple to everyone else there. It WOULD be fun, and if you like him and want to spend time with him, then I don't see the problem, unless you don't want to take a slightly more serious step in the "relationship" if that's what you want to call it. I won't be awkward unless you make it awkward lol I'm sure of the 30 people there you'll be friendly enough with one of them, and Jason will be there too. (all the other bf/gf/spouses are probably in the same boat too) It MIGHT mean something more, but that's for the two of you to have a discussion about.

  • I think you should go!

    Especially if you're seeing your relationship going somewhere, because this is definitely a step in that direction!

  • Well It seems like he wants you to be around his family so that means he things of you on a level more than dating. Just go and have fun. You may want to research on camping etiquette so you don't look completely clueless.

    • Camping etiquette?

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    • no no, I understood what you 'meant'...

      I just didn't know camping had rules...

      I've only been camping twice...

    • Well yes it does. If you can make a fire making sure you don't leave it unattended, not messing with the wild life etc Things of that matter. Also I suggest you not be too skeemish (I am not sure how to spell that right now) Just go with the flow, don't complain about anything (unless you break something) even if you are afraid of something. Its nice when a girl can just go with the flow even when she is out of her comfort zone.

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