What's the difference between hanging out, dating, and seeing someone?

I met this younger guy last Tuesday. He's really cute and he approached me. We ended up talking a couple of hours that night and set up a date for Friday night because he didn't want to leave without setting up a definite time to see me again. He text me a couple of time the next day and we ended up going out that night. Night 3 he wanted to come over and watch a movie with my daughter. (She's a teenager so he's not a pervert and it ends up I work with his cousin so I knew it was safe to let him come over). Then Friday, day 4, he took me out to dinner and spent the evening watching the Olympic opening ceremony. Saturday night we only saw each other for about an hour due to work schedules. We were talking and he was telling me about his ex some of his dating so I took the opportunity to ask what we were doing. Dating, just hanging out etc. His response was that he didn't really know and didn't know what he wanted. I know this is only day 5, but I've seen him every one of the past 4 days at his initiation. I just don't understand men! Can anyone give me some insight here?


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  • hanging out means going to each others' houses and hooking up

    dating means you go on dates

    seeing someone is kind of a step above dating it means you pretty much date and talk a lot but are not necessarily in a relationship or exclusive. it is similar to dating I guess.


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  • Hanging out- you have mutual friends. you text each other, talk, meet up, enjoy talking to each other

    dating-you go out on a couple of dates, maybe even fooled around a little bit, but your not exclusive

    seeing someone-dating for a while and your both in to each other more than just casual dating

    relationship-mutual commitment


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  • hanging out is what you do with friends... just chill watch movies etc

    dating is exclusively seeing someone...basically "in a relationship"

    seeing someone is like dating but its still new or you have come to agree that you don't want to be excluse yet but more than just friends...

    also how are you under 18 with a teenage daughter?

  • The way I see it and how my friends and I refer to it as is this:

    hanging out- you guys are seeing each other but its really more like friendship/early stage of a relationship.

    dating- your going out on dates with this person. There is no commitment or anything yet, its almost more like flirting. Your seeing the other person in a relationship kind of way without the commitment. ALSO dating can also mean that you are going out on dates with multiple people not just that one person.

    seeing someone- dating one person without the commitment.