Girl doesn't answer to confirm date?

so I've gone on a few dates with this girl, and she seemed really interested and up for one tonight. I called her to confirm, it went to voice mail and she hasn't called back... 1.5 hours until we were supposed to have dinner.

Is she testing me and wants me to call again, or is it just a lost cause?

of course, she could have lost her phone/broke it. but, that isn't likely. assuming she is purposely doing this, what gives?

alas, no sooner had I clicked submit did she choose to respond. one word response though, which isn't like her
Her excuse was that she stayed up until 10am and slept until 5pm. You all may find that hard to believe, but that is actually a fairly common occurrence for her hahah. At any rate, it went very well , so yay me.


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  • Give her the benefit of the doubt, something probably came up. If she is testing you to call again, that's messed. She'd end up being the type that needs to hear from you five times a day and if you don't call you're cheating or up to no good or don't love her or bla bla bla. If it starts with drama, it'll continue with drama. Hopefully your 'one word response' from her was positive. Just please don't waste your time on a woman who won't spend her time on you! Oh yea, and I would have absolutely not called her back again tonight if she had not responded to you. I would have followed up in the morning with, "I was looking forward to seeing you last night, hope everything is OK. Give me a call when you can". Then, you've followed up, balls in her court. Good luck bud.


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  • what was the response?

  • Hmm maybe something came up? Either way,that's rude. I hope she calls soon!


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