Girl postponed our date. Is she just not interested?

So I've been talking to this girl for almost two weeks now. We hung out the first time like a week and a half ago and haven't since. She laughed a lot,seemed into me, I guess.

Since then we've sort of just been talking through texts. She immediately told me she's into being friends first and foremost which to me meant at first that she's not interested in anything beyond that? She said she feels the need to say that cause one time a guy told her she was sending mixed signals and they had only met once. She said she says it in the beginning now just to keep the pressure off? (thoughts?)

Well anyway, we text almost everyday but I'm always the one to initiate (except once). So I finally asked her to hang out again. I didn't call it a date or anything. And she seemed really excited about it. But today she sent me a text that she's got a lot of homework and it's the only day her friend can cut her hair or whatever so she asked "can we postpone?" She didn't give a date. I wanna know if I'm reading into this too much or is she kinda just not interested? I mean she did ask to postpone but that could be her just trying to be nice.And she sent a text right after saying she's really sorry and she feels like a a flake. But still. What do you think?
Girl postponed our date. Is she just not interested?
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