Girl I like postponed our date... what does this mean?

Girl I like 'postponed' our date... what does this mean?

So I have been giving a girl who I had a 'flirty' friendship with in high school a ride home after school one day out of the week. The reason why I didn't pursue her back then was because I had a girl friend and she had a boyfriend. (we are both in j.c. now)

Anyway, there are some signs she likes me (like she laughs a lot at my jokes, maintains lots of eye contact, is comfortable being alone with me ) , but some of her behavior makes it seem like she is only interested in friendship.

Last week when I gave her a ride home, it was incredibly hot so I stopped and treated her to a Jamba Juice, then dropped her off ( she works Mondays after school for her parents.)

She was all flirty and friendly, and said she would ask her parents to give her Monday off next week, so we could hang out for longer.

Well today, she canceled when I met up with her saying she didn't have any time to work this weekend, and she needed to get caught up instead of hanging out. I said something like, "Oh okay, I was looking forward to it but oh well..." Then she said, "But can we shift our plans to next week?"

to which I gladly accepted.

I'm just kind of worried she isn't really interested.. If I had to work (FOR MY PARENTS) and was a little behind, I don't think an hour or two long date would make a difference. ACTUALLY I would have been sure to get my work done over the weekend so I could go on the date..

I feel like if she wanted to, she'd make it work.

Once last bit of info: if she didn't have me giving her a ride home, she would have to wait 3 hours for her sister to get out of school and pick her up.

So, does she genuinely want to go on a date next week? or is she instead being "nice" and delaying it?( and may very well attempt to get out of it again next week..)
Girl I like postponed our date... what does this mean?
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