Girl cancels date, is this rejection?

Im not native English so sorry for my bad English..

i had three dates with a girl... one in the city at (or in?) a bar, one at a coffee house and one at her house ... I came over for a diner.

she cancels the 4th date because she felt not 100 % She was not fit / well ... she sent me a text messages.. I called her at that moment bt she didn't pick up the phone ...

she dint offer another time or rescheduled an other date ... (neither do i)

What does this mean.. I think I'm not ask her anymore ... I think she let me down easy ... am I right ? She is very shy but still I think this was rejection... what do you think?


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  • I think you should give her some time and then call her, see how she is feeling and then invite her out again.

    if you two have not discussed your intentions for dating each other, it could have gotten confusing for the girl and clearly it has gotten confusing for you. Next time you meet her, this can be one of the things you talk to her about.

    Some people date because they just want the company. Some people are looking for sex and others are looking for a relationship.

    She could have felt unsure about you because she just does not know what your intentions are.

    Just like what Martyfellow said, she may have felt like you were pressuring (or expecting) her to have sex with you and dating for sex might not be what her intentions are.

    the way to have success with dating is you have to meet a person that has the same understandings of where things are going as you do. for example, If you both just want to have sex. or if you both just want to be friends and keep going out with each other. Or If you both want to work together to build a loving relationship. You both have to be on the same page in order for anything to work out.

    If you do not undersand each other then the both of you will be confused and afraid to go any further. The way to understand each other is to communicate and to be honest with the person. A lot of people mess up because they are afraid that if they are honest and upfront with the person then they will scare them away and once they scare them away they will take it very personaly and feel insulted or wonder if something is wrong with them. A person should realize that dating is all about trial and error. Getting rejected is nothing personal which is why you should have your eyes set on many girls and not just one. Getting rejected just means that you two were not on the same page. If the both of you are not looking for the same things then you should meet a new girl and try it again.


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  • i would try to reschedule if she doesn't want to then move on.


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  • Yes, if she cancels and doesn't mention another time, it means she's decided yu've had enough dates!

    You should already know that the fourth date, normally, means having sex, and that's the criticial time when she has to make up her mind about you.

    Unfortuantely, she decided she didn't want to go that far with you, and therefore, she won't see you again. She made up the excuse of not feeling well..but she'd have insisted on rescheduling if she wanted that 4th date!

    These rules and 'deadlines' are one reason I gave up on the dating game...

  • Wait a day, and then send her a text asking her if she's feeling better and wants to get together. If she says no, it's over.

  • Give it some time. Try calling her one more time, and if she doesn't respond or answer then it's a rejection

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