Been hooking up for 7 months...

I've been hooking up with a girl for 7 months now and things are starting to slow down. We were kind of exclusive for a while, mostly because we were hooking up 5-6 days a week and there was no need to talk to anyone else. Lately things have been slowing down and we're both somewhat getting tired of each other. We've talked a few times and we both never wanted an emotional relationship out of it and we've never had one. We are pretty good friends, but there's one thing that is bugging me a little.

I can't stand the thought of her hooking up with another guy. I don't know what it is, but it really buggs me for some reason. Is it normal to have this feeling after hooking up with someone for so long? Do you have any advice other than get over it, don't think about it, or you just hook up with someone?
Been hooking up for 7 months...
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