Kissed on third date, how should I act on the fourth?

So off on a fourth date today with a girl I've been dating for about a month.

She doesn't drink alcohol so I've found it a little harder than normal to get the courage to kiss her. Finally did on the third date about a week ago and she looked relieved I finally did. She re initiated kissing after I pulled away first so must have been in to it.

How should I act on this date? Is she expecting another kiss again? When I meet her do I kiss on the cheek or lips? I don't really want to take a step back by not if the opportunity arises. There must be some attraction if she's prepared to meet me 4 times right? Because I know if it was me I'd be letting them down gently after the first date if I wasn't keen.

How do I take it to the next level? I guess I'm looking for a relationship but not rush in to things. I'm aware she is probably dating other guys as we met on a dating site and she still logs on. How do I stand out from them?

Thanks all.


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  • Just be yourself, make her laugh, and have fun with her. Take her on a date that's really fun, like a carnival or lazer tag or something silly like that, or you can do something a bit romantic if you want like a dinner.

    When you meet her again, don't worry about it. If your kiss was long and was near a makeout session the first time, then kiss her when you see her again. If your kiss was just sweet then keep it sweet and kiss her on the cheek.

    To stand out from other guys, just make her happy and make her laugh and compliment her a few times, make her feel special. And do unescesary sweet things that most guys think are stupid, like touch the side of her face, tuck her hair behind her ear, just smile, smile at her for no reason whatsoever, kiss her forehead instead of her lips, and be sweeter than the other guys.


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  • Kiss her gently after the date's over and be a sweetheart the whole date.

  • hi

  • You can give her a kiss on the cheek when you meet up and give her a big hug. Hold her hand during the date and if you guys have a moment during the date, give her a kiss.

    Kiss her again (longer) when you drop her off to say goodbye.


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