Why does he always joke about other guys liking me?

Is he doing it to see how I will react? The guy who does this is a co-worker of mine that I have a huge crush on, I get the feeling he likes me back. He is super nice to me, always there for me, always concerned about my feelings, we text a lot, when I am on vacation he will text me telling me he hopes I have a good time, he has gone out of his way to get me a gift, uses my name A LOT, will always help me when needed. Talks to me a lot at work, goes on break with me, etc.

So why does he joke around about this? I'll be like, yeah Steve kept asking if I was going to that party and he'll say, "Maybe he wanted you to be his date."

sometimes he'll make things up and be like, "I was talking to Chris online, I hear you two are a thing.." (never talked to the kid online, he was just messing with me"

or he'll joke around and be like, "i saw you flirting with _____." (when I wasn't..)

So do you think he is trying to pull the attention off himself or get a reaction out of me, see if I like those guys, give in and tell him I like him"

I feel like if he knew I liked him (which he must have some sort of idea I am into him) but he didn't like me back he would try and distance himself from me and that is not the case at all...


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  • Why not tell him how you feel and get it all out in the open?

    • I know right. I'm just nervous to tell him because what if he doesn't feel the same. THen we'll be stuck working together. I'm working on that though..

    • I'm not supportive of work-based relationships, in fact I think they are a horrible idea. BUT, if it's driving you as crazy as you say, it's time to get it off your brain and out of your mind.

      Sit him down somewhere not at work, and invite him to have an open conversation about what both of you want.

      It may not go the way you'd like, but at least the air will be open and there will be no more pressure.

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  • what are the reasons that you think he might not like you

    • he has not asked me out yet. that's a big one! Though I am attributing this to his lack of experience and also to the fact that we work together, maybe he is afraid of people finding out or simply that I will reject him

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    • oh because he wants you to say "i don't like him", then he would say "who do you like then" then you would proceed and say "you". but it is a very thin line I think because sometimes ill do it because I like the girl and other times ill do it because I couldn't give a sh*t about what she thinks so I just make fun of them

    • I'm hoping that's why he does it. Next time I will say... nah I don't like him like that and then he'll ask who I like. then the problem is confessing ha ha I'm scared to. Maybe I can just say, "I think you already knw..."

  • That's strange. Sounds like he's masking his jealousy.

    • I agree. One time he texted me making something up about me and this weird guy he knows I'd never like so after saying that was crazy and gross, I texted him... "you must bee jealous of my "thing" with him. And he said "not really, just scared for you"

      Why wouldn't he just say, yeah maybe I am jealous

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    • I think I'm just gonna ask him to hang out I'm tired of not knowing! Hopefully this will let him know I like him at least

    • Hopefully things turn out well :)

  • Just tell him already because he is obviously telling you those things because he is into you.

  • Dam of course he likes you and that is why he is doing it. He wants you to say you like him. Tell him, kiss him or grab his hand soon so he knows.


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