He treats me like an object instead of something he loves... help!

Well, here's the deal, this guy had a crush on me once back then (he admit this when I asked him whether or not he has any kind of feelings to me), and after he told me that I'm sure that his feelings grow even more, seriously, his eyes speaks for itself, people even said that he looks at me like I'm the most adorable thing. Well, the thing is, I started chasing him and he started to see me as something he 'owns' instead of something he earns, he's treating me based on how he wants to treat me, if he wants to be nice then he'll be, if he's in front of other people he would say that he just saw me as a friend, he's seeing others, but when I found out about it, he defends himself, saying things that makes me feel guilty, and assuring me that he doesn't love that other girl, making him seems like he's the only one who cares about me in the whole world. And he also said that he's saying he loves other girl to avoid commotion, because I'm an outcast and he's the popular guy. And then I grew tired of him, I dropped him off to try and be with a guy who's in love with me for a year and a half, and he got really mad at me, ignoring my bbm until 3 days (he read it afterwards), he lied to me, ignores me, says that he hates me, that it's difficult for him, etc. And when I said that I still love him, he's back into this super sweet guy who treats me like a princess, but then his action grew and it turns into the 'she's mine, only mine' kind of 'relationship', he's too possessive and he treats me like he used to be, being sweet to me only when I shows signs of leaving him. I do love him but I just don't know anymore..
He treats me like an object instead of something he loves... help!
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