What's expected of a girlfriend?

So me and this guy just paired up suddenly lol, he's cute and cool, but I'm having an eternal dilema being the perfectionist that I am ( want to do absolutely everything right,)- I've never had a boyfriend before, so I'm a bit clueless as to what exactly to do. Spending time together of course, but is there any don'ts and do's I should be aware of?

Tnx :)
Oh I forgot to ask, what would be some good hang out ideas?


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  • Someone else asked a similar question in an arranged marriage deal. My answers will apply to you as well. link


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  • Just be a good friend and let the relationship grow from there. I guess I expect my girlfriend to show that she cares for me and don't flirt with other guys lol. That's about it... he more than likly doesn't care where you hang out at he just wants to be with you. Did you use to have a different username I have a feeling this is someone I use to know and am just curious.

    • tnx for the advice :D

      Um...I don't think so? All I did was change it from oOsweetonessOo to the name now because people kept saying my UN wrong lol :P

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    • Will do =D. Do you remember feircemegan? By the way I though you were slipandslender lol

    • tnx! and I do xD

      Ha ha no slipslender is way funnier than me :P

  • My girlfriend is awesome, I mean she is a legit 10.

    5 reasons why she is so awesome, and believe me I actually reflected on this myself:

    1. She dress well

    2. She goes to the gym almost everyday

    3. She is always in the mood for sex

    4 She eats healthy

    4. She is always herself and doesn't try to be someone she is not

    If you can do that no other girl could ever be better than you, there is no way.

  • I don't think its right for anyone to expect anything from a partner in which they don't expect from themselves


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