Anyone who didn't have their first kiss until college?

Wait, I'm still a high school freshman but I'm studying in all girls school so it's quite difficult for me to get a boyfriend or even get my kiss. But I don't wanna wait till college, it's too long for me and I'm impatient! So there's a guy I like, but he's gone abroad for studying but we rarely talked, it's just stares and awkward moments.

I'm thinking is when he come back for holiday, should I grab him and kiss him by the lips then I'll confess! If he accepts, I'll get my first boyfriend and kisses following and even ïf he don't, I'll still get my first kiss from a hot guy I like.

Great plan, isn't it? Ah, and don't forget to answer my question.
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  • Mine was toward the end of high school. But whatever. it's no big deal if you don't do anything until college or later. No need to rush into anything.

    And how's it difficult? I mean, if you go out with friends and see a guy you find cute/attractive/whatever and interested, go up and talk. In this case, you are attracted to this one guy, just tell him bluntly. If he's not interested, oh well, not the end of the world.

    But ya, there's no need to rush into things. And it's better to do it with someone you really love than just any ol' person. It's more memorable and meaningful that way. Rushing into it with just anyone is, well, I've yet to know a girl who hasn't not regretted doing so.

    • But in my country, it's too open to just go up and talk to the guy, we girls have to wait. But I'm not following the main stream, I'm just gonna fight for my love

    • Ah, hmm. Well be the change you want :P if it's looked down upon by a guy, do you really want a guy who won't want you being open and honest and such? Or would you prefer to find that guy who is genuinely interested in you being open and you?

      Also, I always thought most Asian countries were pretty oppressive towards women. Like, in general it's looked more poorly for a woman to have sex or be open about such things. Hmm

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What Guys Said 2

  • Me, I was an old man (by your standards) before I had my first proper kiss.

    Sure, grab and kiss will work as you said. Make it fun.

    Just remember it is not something very important, serious or something that will make angles sing and stars fall. It is just mouths touching. All that aside kissing can be very nice.

    • I won't make it fierce or it'd scare him away, just a little peck on the lips and make him bewitched. Hope it can push things forward...and how old was your first kiss?

    • Haha. Ten years older than you, for a proper kiss.

      Spread the pecks out. That will only make the world a happier place.

  • none of your options have a "never been kissed yet and it's almost past college time and not planning on kissing someone anytime real soon"

    • Ha! Then you've got it in option A if you've overread it. Really? Not planning to kiss? Don't you want to experience love ?

    • I didn't have my first kiss yet so saying I had it in College would be premature. I only have one year left and it's my fifth year. I doubt I'm going to kiss anyone in college anymore since I had a chance with my peers now for four years. Also I do want to experience love I just don't feel totally ready for it.

What Girls Said 4

  • i got my first kiss when I was 7. on the cheek. the boy ended up losing a front tooth and I in the principal's office.

    but my real kiss happened a week after I turned 18 with my 2nd boyfriend. <3

    - - my advice to you is when he comes back for the holidays, wait for him to call you and set up a meeting if he even wants to see you. because if he doesn't make a move to see you, then he clearly isn't interested about you. so forget it and move on to someone who is attracted to you.

    • No, we don't even have each others number... We aren't even friends but that means we have room for development!

  • I had my first kiss at eighteen, in my first semester in college.

    My best advice is, don't rush it, and you definitely don't want to come off looking desperate.

    I would let things happen naturally.

  • My first kiss was when I was 17, starting university.

  • My first kiss (proper kiss and makeout) was with my first boyfriend when I was 15. I got dumped two months later and felt horrible cause it hadn't been all that perfect. Then I went to a party (pretty much the only teenage Friday night party I've ever been to) and got drunk. There I made out with three other guys. After that they all fell for me and my ex wanted me back but I'd already found a better, better-looking, better-kisser, boyfriend. So it went from not so good, to bad, to very very good :D

    The thing is, guys have this mental thing that once a girl has had a boyfriend (who they know, and that they have seen her with) it awakens them to her. Once you get a first boyfriend, you'll see that your guy friends will get a lot closer and there will be more of them (therefore more options).


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