Kiss on the first date, as high schoolers?

Is that appropriate? We are both juniors in high school, and I'm almost 17 and she's 16.

Yes I know, it's whatever feels right. But what did you guys do?


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  • I think pecks are OK at the end of the date, but passionately making out is a no-no in my book. I feel it devalues the relationship quickly in almost the same way having sex too soon devalues the relationship (although obviously at far less intensity). A kiss on the cheek is a great and classy way to end a good night with someone.

    • Yeah, that sounds like a good idea (the peck on the cheek)

      But say if it just happens to be a "moment"... should I go for it? or should I let it go because it's the first date?

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    • Yes I know we are old enough, but it would be both our first date, relationship, and kiss.

      Just want to make sure it isn't too much too soon.

      But you won't be there to help out so it's up to me! :)

    • I'll be there in spirit! <3 *creepy*

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  • If she's really shy then just see how it goes and if she's into it but I usually always end up making out with a guy the first time we hang out, but that's just me. I like kissing a lot :) lol

  • Nope maybe a hug


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  • Okay let me tell you how I end all first dates. You have to do this and this exactly. It may seem odd but believe me I've only received positive responses.

    Your walking her to her door or standing outside the car and you have that end of the date conversation. As you say," Well I had a great time tonight. We should do this again." Look deeply into her eyes and read her body language. If all signs point to a no-go, respect her decision and give her a hug and/or a kiss on the cheek. Now this is where it gets tricky. If all signs are a go then this is what you do. Keep eye contact as you lean in for the kiss and once she closes her eyes, divert your head to the side. She will most likely freeze in confusion but be ready to catch her just in case she looses her balance. Then you stop and whisper into her ear," Goodnight *insert name*." then you turn your head and kiss her on the cheek. You then walk away.

    What this does is leaves her with that tension and will make her want you more. It will also show that you have respect for her and that you don't just want her for her body. But quite honestly I do it 1) for fun because they never expect it and 2) because it's really smooth.

  • I still wait till around the third date. No one is ever fully comfortable on the first date so often a kiss can be awkward. But it also depends on how well you hit it off.

    So yeah, go with what feels right BUT be sure to ease into more physical gestures with every date otherwise you'll end up in the friend zone.

    My suggestion, be touchy on the first date in a friendly way. touch her arm when you have something to say or her lower back when you open the door for her as if you're guiding her through..

    Second date, kind of bump up against her and hold her hand, then give her a smile and keep talking. maybe put your arm around her at an opportune time.

    Third date, same thing. Maybe cuddle a little more depending on what you're doing. Look for signs of a kiss if you're sitting together. If you drop her off at home look for signs and give her a kiss at the door.

    Its better to ease into it than go too quick. But like I said before, don't wait too long!

    • thanks :)

      this would work for someone who I haven't really talked to before, but I have been school friends with her/ flirted with her just about everyday since about a year ago... does it change anything?

    • well in that case I wouldn't follow any guideline really. It sounds like you two are already comfortable with each other so the first date won't be as nerve wracking as it is for most. If you two are already flirty then just be touchy! Not in a sexual way but more of a "cuddly" way I guess. Assuming you two both share interest for each other, I'd say things will naturally get rolling. Just look for signs that she wants a kiss and go for it if you get the signal! But don't feel like you have to.

  • ... I don't think making out on first date is all that uncommon... But I thin definitely within first 3 but of course it depends on the situation

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