Texted to confirm details of date, never heard back

I texted a girl to confirm the details of a date we had scheduled (they were up in the air), but I never heard back from her. I know I shouldn't be angry or mad, or at the very least not show it, but I'm basically fed up with this behavior by some women. How hard is it to just send a text back instead of just leaving me hanging with no response?

So basically...is the date off then?


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  • She could be busy

    Or lost interest

    If she doesn't text back tomorrow then you know

    • well, if she lost interest, wouldn't she cancel then?

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  • I'd say yes I think the date is off. If there were some issues with her not being able to come then she would have texted you explaining this. I know I would do that if I was interested in a man. I'd still take care to not make him think I'm not interested.

    • yeah, that's what I'm saying. I mean a text takes a few seconds to send if there was some conflict...the fact that she's leaving it hanging probably shows it's not very high on her priority list.

  • how long ago was the text? and when is the date?

    honestly sometimes we get busy and forget to respond, especially for something important like that it could take awhile

    • forget to respond to something important like that? Isn't that contradictory?

      The text was a day ago, the date's two days away.

    • just wait. I've forgotten to respond for a day before... I was like, OK, wait a few hours so you don't look desperate.

      then the next day I realized I had never responded.

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  • depends on how much time is left. she could just as easily respond later, just don't expect a quick response... it's text. people get to it when they get to it... unless you're addicted to texting... how long has it been since your text? some people do have really busy lives and may be going through important stuff that responding to a detail of the date could wait until later in the day when they aren't stressed the hell out with work/family/crazy friends/etc.

    you should set the details as far in advance as possible to avoid this in the future. usually there are PLENTY of valid reasons why people have to cancel if you wait until the last minute to firm up the details. and usually there are plenty of valid reasons for people to cancel validly even if you schedule in advance.

    it'll show them a lot more maturity if you give them the benefit on the doubt, and will help you out to be understanding. the point is to not guess what's going on... don't be afraid to drop another text after an appropriate amount of time. also in the future have most of the time and address picked out so it's firm.

    • for this girl, too early is worse. She's all over the place in her schedule and doesn't know what's going on until closer to the day.

      There's a day and a half left. I dropped the text yesterday, so it's been a full day.

    • well sounds like she has huge time management issues... and you already know she has huge time management issues... so text her again today and expect a response. if there's none it's off. you might not get a response until the day... look, if you're sick of dealing with it.. then don't deal with it. she obviously doesn't have her stuff together to make time for you.

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