Boys would you date a daddy's girl?

Boys Would you date a daddy's girl? And girls would you date a mommas boy? If not, can you state your reason? My friend told me that he would NEVER date another daddy's girl but I didn't even ask him why.

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  • If she and I get along great and such, sure. I don't really care if she's a daddy's girl as long as she doesn't ALWAYS take his side over mine if it comes ot it (would hope not tbh) or she and her dad aren't "too close" >.> which always disturbs me when I hear about that kinda crap.


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  • Of course, I'd definitely consider it just like any other guy. All in all, it just depends on the level of "mommas boy" of by what you mean. There's guys who are very close with their mothers and I respect that, but If their ever comes a point where his relationship with his mom intereferes with ours, than that's a problem. That being said, he will need to make decisions for himself and not always act on the approval of whom his mom, or parents are in general.^.^

  • I've been going out on a couple dates with a momma's boy. If they have future goals and will move out pretty soon, why not.

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