Guys, would you date a girl with daddy issues?

If you knew she had daddy issues and it was very obvious but otherwise she was everything you wanted, would you date her? Not talking about myself lol, just curious.

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  • Been there, done that, got the tee shirt. Daddy issues are not about a girl wanting a man to be her "father" as most who are not in the know assume. It is not about a man pretending to have relations with a 12 year old girl either. It is more about the girl being cared for in a way where she can put life responsibilities aside in those moments they share together. It's a place where she is free to let go of work and worry and feel like a pampered princess. Her Daddy is usually also an authoritarian and puts her in check when she gets out of hand. So, there is a bit of check and balance. The girl does not have to be some dysfunctional teen who's father neglected her, but is often a woman with heavy responsibility in the workforce seeking a place where responsibilities are handled for her. If she is younger and pre-educated / pre- career she is often still confident and strong and seeking a place she can let go of that stress and be timid and docile. He does not have to be older than her, but is rarely younger. He is a man that is confident and strong and makes her feel safe. He wants to treat her very special and make her happy which often leads to her naturally behaving a bit spoiled. Exit cuddly Daddy, enter no nonsence Daddy. Often a look or a phrase will send shivers down her spine and get her right back in line as his perfectly playful little princess. However, sometimes her feminine nature kicks in and she can't help but push back. It seems in times like this she really craves a firm hand from him. There is something very therapeutic about a good hard cry for her. It can be a wonderfully rewarding experience for both due to the very loving, tender and playful aspects of this type of relationships. This dynamic offers a way for a couple to seemingly breeze through ordinary difficulties. They don't suffer harsh fights and periods of silence that modern couples do. They both not only accept their specific roles, but actually crave them. This unigue chemistry has a way of ending the power struggle between a man and his woman and ends up being a very rewarding experience for them both. I have seen a lot of negative responce to this type of question in the past from people who have this negative association to incest or pedophilia. I hope this explaination shines a healthier, more accurate light on this type of relationship. Now you see when I say I've been there and done that, I actually do not only own but where the tee shirt free from shame.


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  • Almost everyone has "issues" regardless of where they originate from. It would just depend on how they handle themselves and their issues honestly.


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  • Lol this is for a friend isn't it haha? Back to serious face, been there done that and I personally am not on this earth to be an emotional tampon or a therapy provider. I need someone who is content and fine with their life. I dated a girl who had her dad walk when she was three. She has never trusted men since and thus never trusted me since I'm male. Prior events form future trends so I wouldn't. Get a good emotional stable lover, not someone who needs every moment to be saved by my own happiness.

    • You can have "daddy issues" or any kind of emotional baggage without treating your SO like an "emotional tampon." The majority of us have some sort of troublesome emotional baggage.

    • Here's the thing, yes all people do have some "emotional baggage" or traumatic event in their life. Even I have them from my profession but I don't take it home with me after my shift. A women that had *key work* daddy issues would either attempt to resort the issue or not let that event define her. Therefore, speaking of daddy issues as the core subject we can conclude there is still a current problem otherwise the subject wouldn't exist.

    • It's not for anyone, it's just a question.

  • At my age there are extra red flags - I was with someone 10 years younger than me who came from a very insecure childhood and a lot of lines blurred in our relationship so I would be incredibly wary of possibly going into another relationship like that again.

  • if the "daddy issues" didn't prevent her from being able to be in a healthy relationship then I could date her

  • My girlfriend has daddy issues. But there's two types of girls who have daddy issues:

    1) Those who crave male attention because they have no daddy.
    2) Those who have an extremely hard time trusting men due due having no daddy.

    I've not really seen a middle ground for girls with daddy issues.

  • It's a bit more complex than just labeling it "daddy issues". One of the reasons I'd say no to such a thing... is if she starts looking for a father figure within her boyfriend. That gets a bit weird.

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What Girls Said 10

  • what kind of actions does the one with daddy issues take exactly?

    • Generally looks only for older men.
      Can be sorta slutty.
      Attention whore.
      She kinda (maybe even subconsciously) looks for a father in her partner.

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    • @gwenlota2442 No offence to the asker who tried to answer your question, but her opinion portrays the common misconception. A girl with these issues is typically not slutty at all but quite loyal to her partner. Attention whore is kinda strong but don't all girls love attention when it comes down to it anyway. I do know some people can take it to a whole new and unhealthy level though. As far as seeking older men, that can be true but more often it has to do with strength and maturity and the way a certain man can seem to carry himself. I am not the authority on the entire species of girls with Daddy issues but I do share more on what I know above in the Guys responce section if your curious.

    • @MrEMann were you talking to me or the asker of the question?

  • I have daddy issues so I sure as fuck hope people would lol

  • Wtf are daddy issues? I hear this all the time but what is it?

  • Not really but that is because i'm straight.

    For me it's not about daddy issues. It's more like just my parents and sibling issues. There is a HUGE rift between me and them.

  • That's a lot of guy's dream... Hahahahaha
    As evidenced by the poll.

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