Why do most white guys act rude toward black girls?

OK well first of all lets just get this out of the way, I'm not trying to be one of those self hating black chicks you always see on here. well I live in california I'm 16 so offline I really don't experience this I have no issues talking to/ being hit on by really any race. I'm black, asian, russian, and romanian with a little Hispanic. although I have what would be considered european features i.e. small nose, long hair, skinny etc. you can still tell I'm black cause I'm like the skin color of megan good. omg I'm talking a lot about myself kay on to the question. I've noticed online a lot of white guys have bad things to say about black girls. yeah id agree a lot of black girls just aren't attractive, and some have bad attitudes. but a lot of Asians aren't pretty same with white and Hispanic and they can have nasty attitudes. now look I say "a lot" not all cause I'm not trying to at all generalize I live in california where we are pretty open I've met some of the nicest white guys I've only dated white and Asian guys cause there aren't a lot of black or Hispanics where I live. it seems like most the guys who are attracted to me are older and or have a lot of money and want to be that whole "sugar daddy" type, I'm not into that. I have my own money I wanna be someones equal. yeah yeah I know the whole spiel about society and steryotypes. but I don't want a generalized answer I want to know why you would or wouldn't date a black girl. be honest, NO sugar coating. thanks. I'm just super curious after I came across a few questions on here about this.
Why do most white guys act rude toward black girls?
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