Am I annoying him?

I give this guy a lot of space because apparently guys need I giving too much space? I don't want to seem like I'm pushing him away. I usually wait for him to initiate conversations (texting) because he's almost always busy. Should I just text him when I feel like it and not think about it? How far does it take to get annoying?


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  • Some people like more space than others but I'd like to think everyone likes at least a little bit of space. I would just talk to him about it but if he hasn't said anything I wouldn't worry about it but then again you can tell if he is becoming irritated.


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  • Does he have a personality or is he just a boring dude who thinks Work and School is important?

    You're a girl that wants to talk to a guy...Unless he has tons of girls to talk to every day, then he should want you to throw him some text messages at least every other day.

    It really depends on the people I guess. Their are some girls Id love to talk to, then others, I wouldn't really want to text.

    Do you guys like each other or is he just a buddy friend.

    • we like each other. and yeah he says he's always busy with work and school. we texted yesterday so I guess ill wait a bit to text him again. but I like him a lot and I wanna talk to him every single day!

  • so how long are you two together?

    • we've known each other for about a year..but started really talking about 3 months ago

    • so what? are you dating or not? or just chit chatting about nonsense?

    • not dating. just friends

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  • Just text him randomly asking him how he's doing. Nothing annoying by that. Unless you do it every hour.

    • I text him about once or twice a week...depending on how often he will text me. Is that not enough? Do you think I could text him a little more frequently?

    • It's just texting, not knowing how to make a bomb not explode. If you WANT to text him more, then text him more. You'll know when it's annoying him.

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