Is it normal to be annoyed by your boyfriend 80% of the time?

I've been with my boyfriend 3 years and engaged for 1. Generally he's a good guy and has never hurt or mmistreated treated me. We have the same morals and beliefs as well which has always been a plus. The thing is, he annoys the crap out of me! It's not that we spend to much time together either. We actually both live in Texas but 3 hours away so it's long distance. We see each other once or twice a month. What annoys me:

Simply the way he walks! It's in a way that looks feminine to me, The way he eats he gets really messy and kind of stares off & looks cross eyed, the way he holds his extremeties look feminine sometimes as well, he is very loud and doesn't care how he portrays himself in public, he's a real jokester and 80% of what he talks about links back to "something funny" instead of everyday convos and deep convos it's always about funny things he's saw or happened. when the phone rings and i see it's him i feel annoyed and i don't even know why! he makes jokes in serious convos and i have to remind him this is serious. most of the time he staggers with his words like it's not stuttering but it takes a couple seconds longer for him to say something compared to the average person and i get impatient sometimes. i feel terrible for all these things annoying me but i can't seem to make it go away! i haven't been feeling too much of a spark with him either. is it wrong to break up with a good person because they are annoying to you? There's a lot more of annoying things as well. Would it be right to marry someone who always irritates you. i don't want to be mean to him some day because he's annoying to me. I can't ask him to be less annoying either. If i ever ended things how do i tell someone that what makes them who they are, annoys me? Is this normal?

Is it normal to be annoyed by your boyfriend 80% of the time?
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