I feel like I'm losing her, what do I do? Help please, all answers welcomed!

OK I'm going to keep this as short as possible. Me and this girl have been texting a lot for 10 days straight. It was going very well I felt like. We got flirty a bunch of times: For example, I said I would buy her this football jersey and she said "I'd wear it ;)" Another would be one time I joked about her and her friend marrying each other and she said, "Will you be my best man? ;)" We've been having texts like these non-stop. We go to the same college and met through Twitter. I got her number when she tweeted me late at night saying "My life sucks :( please make me feel better." Safe to say she was interested?

Lately, the past 2 days we barely talk now. She just had an amazing weekend partying and the parties I went to were complete garbage. I'm starting to feel like maybe she thinks I'm no good Because she's hot enough to go to these awesome parties while I struggle to find any (shes also in a sorority and I'm GDI). She's been hanging out with her girlfriends a ton so I don't wanna invite myself in their group. I need to hangout with her first. I don't know where to even start with texting her anymore. I was thinking of giving her a good morning text like usual but I don't wanna straight up say, hey we should hangout this week. I feel like I need to find something to talk about, get her to flirt a little then break out the "its about time we hangout."

Idk I'm just so lost and feel stumped. She was so into me it felt like at first now it feels like I'm fading, I lost confidence. I didn't text her all day Saturday Because I wanted to see if she would text me first for once, and she didn't. She sent me a good morning text before when things were going well. I think we burned each other out. What should I do? Text her straight up to hangout or try engaging in a conversation then ask? Also, you think her friends are playing a role? Thanks in advance, I'm sorry about the length of this, all answers are welcomed! I will give feedback.


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  • I feel Ya man I hate that fading feeling. What I would do is get absolutely hammered drunk and call her spitting mad game don't get all lovey dovey just call and let her know you can be available and have a good time. I know when girls do that to me it sucks me in just knowing this girl is lit up and has me on her mind and combos are never boring when drunken. Weird technique yea. .. but what better way to liven things up.

    • Haha yeah I guess that would work, I know what you mean. But should I really call her? Or should I try texting her first and give her the heads up I will? If she got flirty again then I would feel confident enough to call her and ask her out but the thing is I feel like I lost my mojo.

    • I'm telling you dude you gotta drink it up and spit some game. Look at your comment back you are trying to think things out and make it all perfect. Thsts her job. Quit being the chased and just live it up. To me it's super unattractive when I know I have a girl all wrapped Sep und me. She has you wrapped arpu nd her finger bro show her who is boss and take a step up from txting and give her a fun drunken call that shows her you have a fun side and not just this lover dovey little boy side. I ma.

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  • You need to give up on this girl, you're not giving yourself options. You're getting one-itis. Word of advice, this especially applies to the fact that you're in college, meet girls in person then get there numbers. Having a myriad of girls does not make you a player, it makes it so you have options. You do not have to be hooking up with more than one girl but you should always have back ups so that you do not show too much interest and become clingy.

  • Texting 10 days straight when you first know them? That's not the way to go my friend. You can only find so much to talk about. Talking every day through texting is boring.

    • Thanks for your answer, I know but we talked a lot and flirted a lot... it is what it is and now I just need to figure out how I can try asking her out. That's my real dilemma, how do you suggest about me going on with that? Thanks again!

    • I guess give it a few days and message her again asking if she wants to go somewhere to hang out. Don't call it a date. Some girls get freak out by that.