Date ideas for teens who can't drive?

I'm a freshman and he's a sophomore, and neither of us can drive yet. We live in a small town that literally has nothing to do. We plan on having our parents drop us off some where and meet up at the mall or something one day, but what are some actual fun date or activity ideas that we could do? Also what are some cheap date ideas? Neither of us have a steady job yet. I was hoping for a type of date that could help us get to know each other better and bond. Thanks!


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  • dinner though it sounds so cliche is a good "getting to know you" type date because you can talk, get to know what each of you likes, and you can take your time. you can choose how you much you spend based on what restaurant you go to and what you order so it is in your control.

    some cool dates (depending upon what's around/if you are going to plan ahead/how much you are willing to spend) are:


    -Mini putting (indoors/glow in the dark)

    -movies (cliche also)

    -rent movies and order take out somewhere/cook and stay in

    -indoor go-carting

    -go to the mall/shop around/go to a restaurant in the mall

    -go to a karaoke night somewhere

    -comedy club


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  • Parks are usually free, walking and talking is a good way to get acquainted. hanging out in a mall does the same.

    Avoid movies, since you both are watching, not much a chance to talk to each other.

  • Nothing is better then a walk in the park. Its easy, you can talk and get to know each other and who doesn't like the park? lol


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