Date ideas of college students without a car?

I want to ask out this girl I met recently. We get back to school from Easter break on Monday. I'm just not sure what we could do. Neither of us have cars on campus. The only things in walking distance are an old, dirty movie theater, a mall, and some okay restaurants.

What's something cute I can do that she'll agree to?


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  • I don't think dates are about location so much as they are about having a connection with the person. The best date I ever went on was with my current boyfriend, and all we did was go to his place and make dinner together. Since we weren't in a super noisy location, like a restaurant or movie theater where it's either difficult or impossible to really have a conversation, it was so much easier for us to connect with each other. Since I'm assuming that you live in a dorm room I am guessing that this isn't really an option, but you could always find a romantic spot to go to, like a park or just some other local place where you can sit and talk with each other and maybe take in some scenery or walk around. You could also take her out for coffee or at least to a restaurant where you know you can get at least a little bit of privacy and be able to talk to each other comfortably without a bunch of noise and chaos.

    I think the key to a great relationship is not having to go out to a super fun location in order to enjoy each other's company. When you truly connect with someone you will be able to have fun with them no matter where you go. And if you have that connection with this girl when you two hang out, that is what is going to be memorable, not the location.


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  • It doesn't matter. The movie restaurant and mall all work. Just ask and she likes you she'll say yes.


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