My girlfriend hasn't texted me or called me back all day, I'm worried and don' know what to do.

Well her and I have been going out for about 4 weeks now and we've gotten into a few fights, but we seem to usually get over it and make it better. And are most recent was 4 days ago and we agreed on one more chance to make this work. Since then we've been texting all day and talking on the phone every night. So today is the first time I actually saw her since our last fight and I spent all the time I could with her. She has my Favorite shirt and today she got my favorite hoodie, I held hands with her when we were walking towards the same way, and outside I held her in my arms for the longest time. And after school when I get home I text her at 4:00 as usual, She usually texts back around 5:30 and we text till around 8;45 then she takes a quick nap And she tells me to call her at 9:30 to wake her up and we talk till she falls asleep and that's around 2 hours. Well when I got home I texted her A smiley face with her name. Well I waited till 5:30 saying "whats up?" She still didn't text back so I assumed maybe she got into a fight with some one(Idk why I thought this) so I said "Is everything alright?" Still no reply 2 hours later So I finally thought [Did I mess up?]. So then I texted "Babe, Is something wrong?" Well here I am an hour and a half later. I'm getting paranoid about this because I don't want to lose her and I care about her more than anything. And I know she feels the same way. Now I have all this stuff in my head. "Did I mess up?" "Is she sleeping?" "Did something bad happen?" "Did she lose her phone?".. Or does she just want a break for a little bit.?. I really need help because I would do anything for this girl and I just want to know what to do. (Also one thing she has gotten mad at me fir was nit spending time and she felt I didn't care about her. So I ha e been since at least trying my best...)
My girlfriend hasn't texted me or called me back all day, I'm worried and don' know what to do.
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