She hasn't text me while on vacation for over a week. Should I be worried?

I've been dating this woman for a month and we have great chemistry and feels like we've known each other for a long time. We are very Into each other and have already slept together. We text every day and on her last day, before going on vaca, she texted me "ttyl" Which bothered me a bit but didn't put too much thought into it. She went on vacation on 8/9 for two weeks with family on a camping trip (no reception). I'm strongly independent, grounded, and have a good head on my shoulders. Made it clear to her I'm looking for a relationship and not to waste my time at the beginning. I have not texted her in a week so she can have her space and enjoy herself. I have spent time working and hanging with friends. I realize she is someone I can see myself with and decided to delete my online dating account (where we met). Before I did I've notice she been online and has me thinking. I've texted her "Hope your having a blast love. See you soon 😘" and has not texted back. Obviously if she is getting reception she would use it to send/reply a text to me instead of checking the online dating web.

What should I do? She returns this Friday. 1) should I confront her (in a mature manner) 2) be worried 3) text her again 4) wait until she text me back? 5) wait until she comes back?

I like her a lot maybe in love, but again don't want to waste time. There ARE other women whom I met before her who want to take a chance with me.
OK I just learned through her Facebook page she has been admitted to the hospital with in inflame pancreas at Salt Lake City. I am really worried but also very upset that she has not contacted me about this. Worse it seems as though it is more important to share this on Facebook instead of notifying me. What should I do? She should have been here Friday but she has not contacted me. should I call/message where she's at or wait until she comes home?


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  • My initial thought was that may be she had no reception, or was too preoccupied with her family, but when i read the part where she logged into the dating site online instead of messaging you, alarm bells started ringing. It would be very naive to ignore that fact , considering how long you have been together.

    If i cared for a guy and wanted to be with him, i'd miss him while i was away, and he would be on my mind constantly. I'd contact him with every given opportunity. You were not the first thing on her mind... the dating site was. That is evidence of where her mind was and is when she is away.

    Never let any girl be your priority , if you are only their option. Peronally , i would reserve my heart for someone who makes an effort to be there.

    I wouldn't confront her at this stage, wait to see how things develop. Just hold back your feelings and keep your heart guarded until you know for sure you can yrust her with it 💜😊

    • You were by far very helpful. She is the only one who has made the effort to be with me (texted, called, cooked, hanged out, etc) than the others. That is why I like her very much. I do understand it's only been a month and her being away is a test as well. That is why I took the first step in deleting my account (I was getting a lot of messages) because I realized I want only her. I will hold back my feelings and be on guard, as well as wait to see how things develop. I do want to bring it on the table and ask her why hasn't she texted me back. (I'm sure she'll say no reception, though she's able to post check ins on FB)

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    • I was upset and emotionally shut down, but glad I got an answer. I could not understand why be gone for two weeks and then drop this on me. I really liked her a lot but was lucky I did not get hung up on her. I can tell she was genuinely honest but though we had something special. Of everything we have done and the time together I believed I have finally found someone I can connect with. I'm sad because it is very difficult to find an amazing women like her. I suppose I should cherish the experience and hope to find someone like her 💔

    • Aww i am truly sorry, 😖 * hugs* to you 💜

      sometimes peoples feelings can change , after a short time or long time together. Just remember your heart is stronger than you think.. it can be played, broken,' stabbed' ,' burned' , and cheated but it still works and it will love again.
      Heartbreak is the most difficult thing to get over, but yet some how we find the strength to deal with it. Don't allow this sadness to prevent you from believing you'll find the right girl, because you seem such a nice guy. I know she is out there and your paths will cross
      Sometimes a rejection is a re- direction towards something better. 💝 xx

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  • Yea, she's having a good time there and is probably looking at another guy. She'll be with you again when she's back, until she finds another guy better than you.

    • We're both 29 and not to toot my own horn I am a great looking guy. Not the jealous type either. I'm more of a " you play games, I leave" kind of guy. I take no BS.

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  • Wait until she comes back and talk her in a nice way.

    • How should I approach it? I was going to tell her I want us to be exclusive when she returns. I'm not going to slam "why are you on the date site" to her face in a immature way. I'm a grown adult. I have some insecurity (who doesn't) but I'm not needy or clingy. I have already proven that. She has my trust but now her trust has come into question.

    • Okay, you can approach with a gift and welcoming her back from her trip. Then, you can ask her how her trip has gone and how come she didn't text you or call. But in a calm normal manner. Your situations and questions you have can be solve by just waiting and being patient.

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