My girlfriend hasn't texted me back for 14 hours?

I've been dating this girl for 3 months and things have been pretty good! Just two days ago I surprised her by bringing her a coffee to work, and she loved it. She even kissed me in front of coworkers and acted happy to see me. I asked her if I could see her on Thursday and she said yes.

The next morning I texted her "I lied, turns out I have work tomorrow, but I'll be free anytime after 3!" And she responded "that's okay!" Which I thought was pretty vague but she texted me again changing the subject.

Later that day around 8:30 pm I texted her "how does 4 sound for tomorrow? ha also did you find your beanie? " it's 11:40 am and she still hasn't responded to me!

What's going on in her head? Do you girls sometimes forget to text a guy you're dating? Should I text her again or wait for her to eventually respond?

Please help :(
My girlfriend hasn't texted me back for 14 hours?
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