¿Does my female friend have a crush on me?

So she's very complicated to read so yeah. We hangout when she's in our hometown, she's playful, she compare our hands sizes or to feel how cold she is.

She laughs at my jokes no matter how bad they are and we seem to talk for hours and hours without stopping and when I drop her off to her house she sits down in the sidewalk so we talk a bit more.

Now she don't text me at all when she's in our hometown (unless she wants to hangout) or when she's away in her work as a teacher. She always starts the conversation over text mainly she sends a selfie of her or her work and we talk a bit and then she ghost me and this cycle repeats (like we don't text in like 3 months and I do start sometimes but she ghost me after a while).

Recently she said that she will come back when she makes a bridge of a day off vacation (5 de mayo so no school for one day) and she will come to hangout for one day. I don't believe her cause she lives far away and for her to come just to hangout just seems really out o the world to me.

So as you can see I'm confused cause her actions contradict each other and I don't know what to think. I'm thinking to tell her like hey I like you if she comes that one day

¿Does my female friend have a crush on me?
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