Can A Guy With Lots of Female Friends Be Trusted?

I believe, whole heartedly, that people of the opposite gender can have a purely platonic relationship... even a close platonic relationship. I have a lot of male friends (I'd say the ratio is 60/40), and I am positive that 99.9% of them are platonic.

However, I read in articles and on forums so many guys complaining about the friend zone, and how the only reason a guy is friends with a girl is if he wants to sleep with/date her, and was just rejected.

Is this true? And if it is, then how can a girl ever trust a guy who has a lot of female friends? For example: I am currently seeing this guy that has many female friends (many male friends too, but he hangs out mostly with girls.) His best friend is also female (we've hung out the three of us, and then her and I alone; we get along great, and I'm actually very touched by their friendship.) But he hangs out with several other girls one-on-one, and has commented how this friend, or that friend, or this other friend all had crushes on him or wanted to date him. (He says that he's focused on me and not interested in other girls, and that doing anything physical with another girl would "seem like cheating"... his best friend also said he's a decent and honest guy, and she knows he's not going after anyone else.)

So I wonder if it's foolish of me to trust him. If it's true that guys use friendship as an "in" to dating, does it mean that the only reason he's seeing me is because he can't get these other girls, but wants to? Does it mean that if these other girls ever DO decide they want him, he'll tell me to take a hike? And the more female friends a man has, the more chances for this to occur right?

Is it always a bad idea to date a guy who has lots of close female friends?
Can A Guy With Lots of Female Friends Be Trusted?
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