Does my female friend have a secret crush on me?

I have recently become quite close with a female friend and we are almost like best mates now, we talk about important and personal things together an awful lot and we have a laugh together too. However, I've recently started thinking, does she have a crush on me? Initially I thought no as she'd described me as a brother just like I had described her as being a sister to me but she's done some things that make me think there is more to it.
1. She stayed up with me until 5am when I was crying about a family member being terminally ill.
2. I went with her to meet this guy she was supposed to be meeting in town that she said she liked but instead we turned up 5 hours late because we went on our own night out.
3. She's started telling me what clothes I look better in and telling me I making me wear them.
4. She can be quite touchy feely with me. She gets very close when sitting next to me and often finds excuses to get close to me, our legs touch quite often and she walks right in my personal space, she sat on me once etc. Maybe that's because we have both described each other as being platonic but I don't know if maybe she is hiding something.
5. I saw a snapchat she sent to a mutual friend about how I would great with long hair, next to a love heart. This obviously wasn't sent to me. She's told me a few times to grow my hair out.
6. This one may just be in my head but I swear I have caught her staring at me, especially my legs when I wear my running leggings. I don't know why but I swear she does.
7. She tries to set me up with a friend of hers. I know this sounds a bit illogical but I've read that girls often do this with guys they like. Takes an interest in my dating life (well a complete lack of)
8. She's mentioned a few times that I don't like girls who look like the type she is. This is not true as I don't find the type of girl that she is unattractive at all but she's brought it up a fair few times.

What do you think?
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Please answer, I really want to know.
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Also, I remember last year she said she really didn't want to do any sport but I started running again this year and now she wants to take it up with me.
Does my female friend have a secret crush on me?
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