My step brother kissed me and now has a girlfriend!

Last your in August I met my dad's girlfriends son who is 14 and I am 16. From the beginning we became really close. He goes to boarding school by tries to come home every weekend that he can. While as school he would text me every week or so just for a chat and when at home he would always try to touch me in some way either by hugging me, hitting me with pillows or sitting on me. He is always joking and making me laugh and I always catch him looking at me sometimes he hold eye contact and other times he looks away quickly. He also sings songs to me like total eclipse of the heart and always by blink 182 to name but a few. When talking to him we have strong eye contact most of there time. In February this year one night he came over beside me, kissed me on the cheek then the lips then proper kissing and so on, there was touching but we didn't go any further than that. He then went to be asking me if this was only a "one time thing" and I said yes it was. He came back down stairs an hour later and we did it another 3 times. Two days after I text him asking if we were going to talk about it and he said we shouldn't because it was a "one time thing". The next time I saw him he was very distant and he stayed away from me for the whole weekend, like I had the plague or something. The next time however he kissed me again like that twice. Two days later I find out he has a girlfriend and has had for about a week so he cheated on her with me, on the week of her birthday party she is having at her house where he is going to meet her parents. Over the course of knowing him I have fallen for him, wrong as it is and I have tried to forget about it and move on. And now he is bringing the same girl home for the weekend to me his mum, my dad and I and it makes me quite sad really. He never mentions his girlfriend to me apart from to make me jealous by saying things like "I'm away for a two hour phone call" which is impossible as we like in the country and have no signal on any of our phones but he pretend to talk to someone for about 5 minutes and it couldn't have been the house phone as they were both downstairs and it was skype or anything because we had no internet connection at that time. He hardly text me anymore but our relationship hasn't change apart from that. And I just would like someone to tell me what is he doing? And where do I stand with him and is there any possibility that he likes me back? I have no idea what to think and its killing me because I hate this. I hope someone can help me. Thank you and sorry for the length of the story x


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  • I think he's screwing with your head. Yeah, He likes you maybe, but you were probably just a one time thing like he said, a break from his g/f, just a get-away kinda thing.

    I think he did or does have feelings for you. but he's distant cause he knows what he did was wrong then if he cheated on his g/f. I think you should really just tell him how you feel about him, Just let it all out. Yea he's younger than you and all but, I was a 14 year old dating a 16 year old b4.

    It's obvious he's trying to make you jealous. I would just let it all out to him, then just move on knowing you said what you wanted and what you could. and if he finds that he likes you more still, things may rekindle.


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  • And I just would like someone to tell me what is he doing?

    What he thought you wanted.

    When he asked if this was a one time thing he put the ball in your court.

    By saying yes you made it so.

    To get over you he had to distant himself.

    And where do I stand with him and is there any possibility that he likes me back?

    Your his stepsister he had a one time thing with.

    Most likely he used to like you.

    Even if he still does do you want a cheater?

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