He dumped me and now wants me back?

we knew each other for three and he dumped me 3 weeks ago and he said he fell out of love.. He said he doesn't want me anymore..so I said some mean things an hung up on him and never contacted him again.he texted me last week saying hows things going with me .. I just gave him one word answers...then today again he texts me after a week..and asks me hows it going with me.. He said just wanna check up on you .. I am in ny life's busy.. and I was like why do I care? He said OK and never texted again. So why is he contacting me when he is the one who dumped me? what's his motif behind this?


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  • Despite the fact that I don't know your ex, I can sure list some possibilities to your scenario.

    1) He met another girl while being with you and so he thought of leaving you to be completely with her. After he dumped you, things didn't go right with the other girl. Maybe she dumped him or maybe they didn't feel happy together. So, he decided to get back with you for an ego boost. He wants to feel wanted by a girl and he thought you'd cry a river and beg him to take you back. You're available (in his mind) and he wants company.

    2) There's no other girl, but he took your love for granted and decided to leave you. He misses you now and feels lonely without you. He thought of dropping you a message to test the waters. If you reply and seem willing to get back with him, he'll ask to see you and talk. He is basically missing the "love supply" you used to give him.

    3) He doesn't want you back, but wants to make sure you feel miserable without him. He expects to see you crying, gaining weight, missing work/school, etc...he wants to know that you can't live without him. Yeah, right...

    4) He still considers you a very good friend even though he can't be your lover anymore. He wants to make sure that you're happy and everything is going great at your end. So, he thought of dropping a message asking of how you've been.

    Choose one. :)

    Anyway, you're better off. You'd better be with a man who cherishes you, loves you for who you are and be thankful that you lighten up his life. Don't settle for any less.

    • I go with number 1.. that's really common!

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    • Number one is stupidly common. I can't count the number of guys I've known who left a girl for "greener pastures" only to find out that what they had was better. IMO, the smart ones tell them to f*ck off.

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  • He probably had expected you to be on your knees or sobbing away (if he's not played a prank on you with the 'I'm out of the love' thing), pining for him and stuff.

    He's probably called you to check how you are faring. This could be for 5 reasons

    1. The reason I've cited above

    2. He'd probably said that in a fit (or after careful thought) and doesn't want to see you hurt etc so he want's to know how you are faring

    3. He's said what he said but regrets it and is 'toying' with the idea of getting back with you.

    4. He played a prank on you and realized that it sure wasn't a prank to you and feeling sheepish now

    5. He's doing something with psychology and experimented on you :D

  • Most likely he is being perfectly honest, he's just checking up on you. He's feeling a bit guilty so he just want to make sure that you're not suiciding on him or anything.

    This is the simplest possible answer, and probably the correct one. The reason behind him dumping you doesn't really matter here.

    • He had been constantly checking on me from past two weeks and he himself told me that he is checking on me and that's about it.. Lol and he updated me about his whereabouts.. And I told him why should I must cAre? He never replied after that lol.. He wasn't trying to get back?

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    • Ok so I did the right thing .. Because I was feeling bad giving him the cold shoulder and acting like a bitch lol .. You think he will message me again?

    • And that was what he needed. You did the excact right thing.

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