My boyfriend started acting weird. What's your opinion?

I'm 20, he's 31. We've been dating for 4 months.

Whenever I'm around him, I feel SO loved. He holds me, tells me he loves me, is romantic, stares at my eyes with the sweetest face ever. He introduced me to his entire family, including his young son. He is protective, we have fun and are just amazing between the sheets.

Out of a sudden, he started texting when he's with me (he rarely uses his cellphone, we don't text or talk on the phone almost at all because he never uses his) - he doesn't ignore me, but I found that a huge chance.

Also we'd usually met me at 3pm, now he almost always arranges us to meet at 6, 7pm.

Today I got a text from a friend of his, saying my boyfriend had called him from work saying he'd be home late and that he'd call me when he got home so that we could met, and that he didn't call himself because he doesn't know my number by heart.

At first this sounded normal, but then I realized that SOME words were written the way my boyfriend usually writes - some very specific abbreviations my boyfriend uses, that I am almost 100% sure his friend doesn't. I played along, but I have a gut feeling those texts were sent by him. Me and "his friend" exchanged about 5 texts, and "he" didn't reply to the last one I sent

Also, it is know 2am and he still didn't call. It is impossible he's at work. It's not the first time he leaves me hanging, but he always gives me an excuse that I can't get mad at (his son got hurt, he took his mom to the hospital, etc) - stuff I cannot prove, BUT that could have happened.

I am way too confused. I feel absolutely loved when I'm with him, but then he acts like this and I feel like he's cheating. But if he was cheating, why would he do things like introduce me to his son? Or befriend my mom?

Why did he pretend to be someone else?

And most important, who can I bring this subject up without sounding crazy/obsessed, considering I have no solid evidence?


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  • That is a difficult one. It's usually best to listen to your gut but no one wants to come across as the crazy obsessed girlfriend. Wheather his excuses are genuine or not however, it is important he doesn't see you hanging around waiting for whenever he shows up either. He won't respect you. Maybe next time he is late just go off and do your own thing. Go out with the girls or something. Don't get mad at him just let him see you have a life apart from him and that your not hanging on him all the time.

    For tonight I think you can justify trying to contact him in whatever way you can to make sure he is safe. Just tell him you wanted to make sure he is OK and nothing has happened and then wish him goodnight and tell him you are going to bed.

    Don't make my mistakes! It's important he knows you love him but it's just as important that he knows your life goes on happily when he's not there too!

    Good luck honey :)


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  • You are really too young. Just be careful to protect yourself. You can still wait to see what next he will do. Just remember that do not have sex with him. See, you still have a lot of time. Even if he is a player, so what. You could just practise how to deal with such situation.

    Good luck


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