Is kissing/licking ears a turn on?

This is really awkward for me as I don't talk about this stuff to other people, but when I am making out with my boyfriend I have figured out that when I... Nibble his ear and trace it with my tongue he breathes hard and then starts kissing me hard. He says "don't do that!" But then moves his head like he wants me to! Then he says "well I like it too much" we are virgins and not having sex until after marriage. Is he acting this way because he likes it but like, gets too turned on or what? Also do other boys like that ear kissing thing? Thank you for any answers please don't be gross Because this really embarrasses me to say haha


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  • For me, HUGE turn-on. And likely for your beau, also.

    • Thank you

    • No prob - as far as his response goes, he might be scared of being too turned on by it and what that could lead to.

    • Alright I thought something like that but when you're in the relationship it's harder to see so I wanted an outsiders perspective!

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  • Yes, he acts this way because he really enjoys it!


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  • Ok Yes your Boyfriend gets too turned on by the ear thing! Everyone has different turn ons what turns one guy on will turn another guy off! And talk too your Boyfriend and ask him if when you kiss/lick his ear if it does in fact turn him on way too much... Don't be embarrassed to talk about sex with your Boyfriend I'm sure he has questions for you too!

    • Thank you you're so kind!