Girl rejected me. We are talking again after two months.. advice needed

A girl who rejected me a while ago sent me a new year text message & now we are texting again. This was kind of unexpected since we had stopped talking to each other the past months. I havn't seen her either.

And since the follow-up texts involve teasing.. I don't know what to think of it, it's odd.. just odd. The new years text combined with the other texts. It feels like the rejection never happened. But I'm sure we both know it did though.

I just don't know is she saw this as an opportunity to start talking again or maybe I'm reading into it too much & she is just being friendly.. heck I even wondered for a moment if she still had my number when she acted kinda cold.

She pretty much already knew I liked her a lot & wanted to get to know her better some time before she backed out. I realized she was maybe giving me the run around. I wanted to talk, she didn't really feeled like talking that day. I really tried though. She remained friendly & replied to me but I kinda felt she was avoiding the topic herself. So I let it be.. I never got a decent answer. I figured she would have if she really wanted to & so the dreadful rejection kicked in. This one really stung though.

At first it didn't make much sense to me. We used to be very friendly/teasing, joking & flirting in person & texting, yet... she backed out so now I don't trust my own judgement with her anymore.

I'm trying to not to make a big deal out of it. I have moved on but I would be lying if I said I don't think about her alot. So there is that little voice inside my head that tells me she maybe still wants to talk. I don't know how I should approach it from here on though. For one.. I don't think I have it in me to call her, let alone bring it up by text..

Any thoughts?


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  • She likes you! If she is bothering to text you...unless she is really have been on her mind! She is probably hoping that you ask again...maybe you caught her off guard and she didn't expect that you liked she has rethought it and is curious/interested. I think she is encouraging you by being friendly. Personally, if I really rejected a guy I would not text him or do anything to give him an impression of interest. This shows that she likes you and wants to know you better. Just be friendly and ask for something low pressure like cool and funny and confident! Good luck!

    • I don't think she would play me like that. We're still talking but but I don't know.. it doesn't really lead too much. I'm starting to get the feeling she maybe just felt uncomfortable of how she rejected me? But didn't want to text me out of the blue to seem interested? If that makes any sense? She never gave me a decent answer. Or I'm overanalyzing.. Maybe she started talking to me again hoping this was enough. But knowing what happened before.. how weird would this be if she would decline..

    • What would you think about this situation

      someone may get caught off guard and say no by default but regret it... like right away. She's smiling at me and can't take her eyes off me. I think I jumped the gun to soon or she doesn't know what she wants/ got cold feet etc. I was dead certain she was into me. Every signal in the book was there and obvious.

      It makes no sense for her to based on her actions. I do think the freaking out thing that you mention very well could be it. Of course I will be friendly too her I already am.

      Should I go NC then see what happens? I know she's single, probably doesn't have much experience for being young.. This girl work in the gym and is new there. Im not kidding she gave me every sign in the book talking to me daily, asking when she will see me again, asking if Im single and those kinds of things.

      What I dont get is that she looks depressed, yet still smiles at me and constantly looks over, like she wants to but can't. she's young she 18.

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  • She likes you!

  • She knows you like her, some ladies can be a bigger flirt than others. Its almost like when you were giving her attention she would be difficult at times. Once she rejected you she realized that you didn't try to continue on, you had moved on. So once the attention was gone she notice that something was missing. Now she has started back up all over again. Does that make sense?


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  • She's playing you. She wants attention. She wants you to fall for her again just so she can reject you again. Girls love doing that sh*t because they are bitches. I've had this same thing done to me and I've learnt from my mistakes. Leave these girls wayyyy back in your past and make sure that's where it stays.

  • She rejected you becuse she was after someone else most likely. Since that didn't pan out you were the backup. People don't reject for no reason at all.

    If you were smart I would stay away from this one. She's already shown you her true colors.

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