Girl rejected me. We are talking again after two months.. advice needed

A girl who rejected me a while ago sent me a new year text message & now we are texting again. This was kind of unexpected since we had stopped talking to each other the past months. I havn't seen her either.

And since the follow-up texts involve teasing.. I don't know what to think of it, it's odd.. just odd. The new years text combined with the other texts. It feels like the rejection never happened. But I'm sure we both know it did though.

I just don't know is she saw this as an opportunity to start talking again or maybe I'm reading into it too much & she is just being friendly.. heck I even wondered for a moment if she still had my number when she acted kinda cold.

She pretty much already knew I liked her a lot & wanted to get to know her better some time before she backed out. I realized she was maybe giving me the run around. I wanted to talk, she didn't really feeled like talking that day. I really tried though. She remained friendly & replied to me but I kinda felt she was avoiding the topic herself. So I let it be.. I never got a decent answer. I figured she would have if she really wanted to & so the dreadful rejection kicked in. This one really stung though.

At first it didn't make much sense to me. We used to be very friendly/teasing, joking & flirting in person & texting, yet... she backed out so now I don't trust my own judgement with her anymore.

I'm trying to not to make a big deal out of it. I have moved on but I would be lying if I said I don't think about her alot. So there is that little voice inside my head that tells me she maybe still wants to talk. I don't know how I should approach it from here on though. For one.. I don't think I have it in me to call her, let alone bring it up by text..

Any thoughts?
Girl rejected me. We are talking again after two months.. advice needed
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