Is two weeks too soon to put a label on our relationship?

Ive only been seeing this guy for two weeks, but we've been spending a lot of time together, sleeping over, going on dates, he makes me dinner, etc

He says he likes things the way they are right now

We agreed that we are exclusive and that it would really bother him if I dated other guys. He's not going to be dating anyone else either.

He said right now he doesn't want to put a label on anything, this is the first time he's done it this way, as he says with all his other relationships he rushed head first, top speed into them and they didn't work out.

Its only been two weeks, and we agreed that we aren't seeing anyone but each other, he also said that in a few months we'd probably be dating(bf/gf labels ect) but right now he doesn't want to label it.

What are your thoughts?


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  • he's doing the right thing - regarding these labels, since you've "only been seeing this guy for two weeks."

    the problem I see is that you two are spending time together like an old retired couple. not good.

    i don't get into this bf-gf discussion for at least 2 months. it would be too soon. you're just getting to know each other. you don't wanna invest yourself 100% in a relationship with someone you actually don't know very well. and if you think you know enough after 2 weeks, you're naive. very naive.

    it's very shallow to just dive in. you go official after you see how things are going.

    • notice the word "discussion?" women always bring this thing up. and I'm prepared to discuss it after 2 months, but *usually* I don't make a decision just after 2 months. too soon.

    • ok thanks guys, I'm not naive, I do realize two weeks is very soon

      I'm not insecure, but like any girl I over think things until its all I can think about!

      ive just heard a lot of different opinions on this subject and couldn't decide if this was a good sign or a bad sign.

What Girls Said 1

  • I don't see anything wrong with this. I can't imagine wanting to put a label when I've only been seeing a guy for 2 weeks...but I can be a bit gun shy of commitment too. Give it some time. If after a couple months it's not heading in that direction and you really need it to, then think about walking.