We only dated for two weeks, should I move on?

I met a guy who moved to my city a few months ago online and we really hit it off. Our first date was fantastic followed that week by 3 more dates and 2 more the following week, one of which he was two hours late for. He was very apologetic and took me to a very nice dinner. The following day his ex was blowing up his phone, they broke up when he moved. I told him he should probably answer and long story short we discovered she was driving to our city for "closure".

He was very upset and I just played it super cool. I told him we should probably cool it until things are sorted out and asked if I should get a cab. He insisted on driving me and during the ride kept saying he wanted to take me away to make it right. I wouldn't say yes, just we'll see. He begged me to say yes but I just needed to think. I kissed him goodbye and went into my apartment. He texted me a few more times that day, one saying he won't call me until this is handled and I said ok. That was 3 days ago. Should I just forget it? I really saw promise in him and we had a great time together. Our wit, humor, intelligence, passion and interests are really on par. Ugh.

That was supposed to say we met a few weeks ago, not months!


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  • 2 weeks is nothing.

    If you don't get over it, or force yourself to get over it, then you're going to have a hard dating relationship in your future.


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  • You should give it a little more time.