Shy guys, how often do you text your date?

I went on the first date with this guy, we met online..

He kept texting me everyday to see me, I didn't realize he's a shy guy because of the fact that he would keep asking to meet up,and we communicate via texts and he was pretty flirty.

Anyways we finally met, went out for dinner, had fun..

well after the dinner he right away dropped me to my house lol it was like 2-3 hr date. We never even kissed hold hands anything. it felt more like friendly outing than a date haha

He told me we should do it again, but he didn't set exact time because he wanted to see how his schedule and my schedule go.

He finally asked me to give him a hug, and he kissed on my ..upper ear..on my head lol I don't count that as a kiss but anyways

He texted me on his way to home saying I'm adorable.

I asked him why he didn't tell me that in the car and he said he's shy.

so I kinda figured that's why he didn't make any move..

Then he asked me if I wanted to stay out longer so when I replied 'yes but we can do it next time', he wanted to come again pick me up.

now this is the next day, he hasn't texted me..or anything

so I was wondering if this is something to do with his shyness or guys just don't text everyday after the first date..


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  • 2 way situation. He might not text due to avoid coming of as clingy or needy

    Other way you have to take control and call the shots but this way is worth it, because you can shape and call the situation according to your needs.however if you choose this please don't lead him on. This will be worthwhile in the long run


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  • do you just respond to his texts or do you send texts too? This sound like me when I was with a girl I knew and I was always too shy and would usually text. Eventually I noticed she would only respond to my texts and so I stopped sending texts and then she never texted me back so just let it go.

    • well he's always been the one who texted first, and I ended convos..

      we never even had any real convo through text.. he just texted me everyday to set up date..

      but today, I texted him asking how's his day going which he replied 'good. you?'

      so I replied him saying 'good working'? and it was 5-6 hrs ago he hasn't replied...:( and I know he's not busy.. I guess he's just not that into me.

      you'd always reply if you're interested tho right?

    • oh OK I don't know yeah I texted a lot until I realized girl was starting to only respond to my texts instead of send her own too and then once I stopped texting her she never texted me.

  • He may not have text back as to not appear too needy.


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