Why is she acting totally uninterested all of a sudden?

My friend (girl) and I used to text all the time. We've been good friends for over a month now and our texting conversations used to be fun and sometimes flirty, and she'd reply within like 5 minutes and we'd talk about all sorts of stuff. We've hung out before and we went to the movies two weeks ago. Overall it seemed like things were good. I had a lot of reason to believe she liked me.

Then about a week later we didn't talk at all in person for like 5 days because I felt like she was ignoring me. I got a weird feeling from her, which led to me not talking to her. But then I asked her if we were cool and if everything was okay, and she said yes.

So fast forward to this week now and she's been fine in person so I figured I'd text her. But those two times I've texted her this week, I've been getting completely uninterested and short replies from her and she takes forever to respond. When she does, like I said, it's totally uninterested. She's not laughing at any of the stuff she would have before and she seems annoyed. Yet she is still acting "okay" or at least kind of normal in person, just very distant when texting.

I don't understand what's happened but I just get a weird gut feeling. She doesn't have a boyfriend, if you're wondering. She hardly talks to anyone but her core little group of girls.


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  • Have you tried talking to her - in person. Ask her what's wrong. It might be totally unrelated to you. She might be going through something at home. Be a friend, and make sure that everything is okay. Show her that you care :)

    • Yeah, when I've talked to her in person she seems alright. Joking a little but still kind of distant. How often is too often to ask if everything's alright? Last time I did was like a week or two ago.

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    • Good luck! I hope everything works out :)

    • Thanks! Me too.

  • Do you think its possiable she is developing feelings for you and maybe she dint know how to express that to you?, fustrated your not picking up on her signs?

    I know I tend to act like how you describe normally feeling are involved. Your not reciprocating her feelings so she hurting, if this is the case.

    It could be that, or she could be forcing herself to shut down from you, taking a step back.

    Look I could be wrong, but I doubt.

    Maybe you should try to find out if she wants to be more than friends. See what she says than let me know ;-) lol. I wanna know if I'm right?.


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