Is it wrong to date your roommate's brother?

So I recently started to like my room mates brother and now we are some what dating (for a week now). She doesn't know about the dating part. She just knows I like him……she isn't too thrilled that I have feelings for her younger brother……

He turn 18 six days after I turn 20 this year….I know it sounds weird and maybe gross to some people but I really like him because he isn't pushy and he made me happy when I was at an all time low!

His sister doesn't know we are an item……what should I do, is this really wrong? Should I give up and try dating some one my own age…..

Also, he lives about an hour away and doesn't have a car, he has to borrow his parents car to see me!



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  • I don't think it is wrong that you date him. Sometimes we can't help who we like to date. The only problem is that your roommate probably will not approve but she should be more supportive of it because at least he is dating a nice girl and she should know you pretty well. Age is just a number and try not to get to caught up about the age thing.If I was you I would still date him even though he is younger. You can't help who you like and fall in love with.The only thing is if you should tell the roommate?You can either just pretend you and him are just hanging out,or yo ucan tell her the news one day.It's a tough decision either which way.


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