Guys - why do you like it when girls sit like this. Girls - do you like sitting like this

Okay so, I sat on my boyfrriends lap, but facing him. He seemed to like it a lot, and we were flirting and kissing and such. He is usually pretty shy when it comes to taking charge of the kissing and stuff, but he grabbed the belt loops on my jeans and pulled me close to him really quickly. He had this look in his eyes that was so freaking hot...He doesn't normally get like that. Guys, why would that be a huge turn on for you? Girls, do you like sitting like that? Also guys, are there other things that make you feel the same way that does? Or better? And girls, have you found any other things that make your guy go crazy?


We both are going to stay virgins until marriage. We also don't touch each others's


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  • I have a feeling he wasn't thinking virginal thoughts right then. You may want to stay virgins, but he IS a guy after all.

    • No I know. I have a hard time with my thoughts as well...But I would rather think about things I COULD do when we are married then do it now, and break up and hate myself

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  • Guys generally like that, and I personally always tease a bf like that. Makes me in control. BUT after awhile i hate sitting like that because it hurts my legs and lower back.
    I think it got him turned on because he liked it a lot or got a little excited.
    Making out gets guys excited and stuff.
    If you REALLY want to tease, sit on him like that and start kissing down his jaw line and kiss his neck. Another thing is nibbling on the ear. Will make him super horny though which is good and bad haha.

  • Lol the straddling position: p good luck waiting till marriage;)