He doesn't care if I date other guys?

We've been seeing each other for only about a month, so I know it's bit early for both of us to talk about 'commitment'.

But we both been seeing only each other, regularly few times a week, and we are sexually active. we act like a couple, it just without commitment.

He even said that he likes me, he cares me, and he's working on this relationship.. He's been the one acting more emotionally, I wasn't really open about my feeling because I was afraid..

and he always told me that hurt him when I didn't say I missed him back or I like him.

I thought he pretty much wants to be officially exclusive, so last night I asked him if he's been dating other girls, which he claimed not and he asked me if I have, I said no. I asked him he minds if I date other guys, and he said he doesn't care as long as I see him.

I thought he's going to say he does care if I'm dating other guys.. He gets extremly jealous though when guys text me..and he is so insecure that he thinks I like this other guy, and when I tell him I need to go home early or tell him I can't meet him up today, he always asks me if I'm going out on a date.

he even gets crazy when I don't text him back.

It's just sad that he doesn't care about me seeing other guys..

Maybe we're not in any label yet and that's why..?

what do you guys think?
He doesn't care if I date other guys?
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