He only sends morning text?

We've been seeing each other for few weeks, and we meet up 2-3 times in a week. In the beginning, we'd text each other few times a day, but now he only sends me one text in the morning when he wakes up and he doesn't even send another one when I reply him.

so basically, it's been like 'morning' 'morning' and that's it.

9/10 he's the one who's initiating contact, he never misses one day without text tho,.. he shows he likes me when we meet up, and he's been acting he's developing more feelings.

He's type of guy who doesn't talk about daily thing through text like what you up to, how's your day going stuff, unless there's something unusual happening.

so I'm confused and little insecure about this.. everything seems OK only this text bothers me. he used to text me more before..

It's like he would send one text every morning to check up if I'm alive lol once I didn't know he texted, then later that day he called me up asking if everythings OK, why I didn't text him back..

so should I not worry about this?

I mean who sends a girl he's dating only 'one' morning text through out the day lol it's been like this for awhile. only when I have something to talk about he'd keep convo going..

I know this sounds stupid but, can you be interested in a girl yet send only one text..? lol


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  • i think you should talk to him about it


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  • I would love to text someone I love, but at the same time I don't want to bother them too much. Maybe your bf thinks the same.

  • All guys start off texting more than they usually do, which means they inevitably text less as time goes on.

    This is true for all guys.

    It doesn't mean anything - its just that guys don't text the way girls do.


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  • Most likely to busy with other things.