Why has he stopped texting me in the morning?

The guy I'm talking to used to text me "good morning" every morning. He will only stop when he was upset or when I would push him away. Recently he told me he wanted me to show more interest in him and make more of an effort, since he definitely is & I am hard to read. Now that I'm showing more interest and making an effort he has stopped texting me in the morning. Were his texts a way of courting me and now that he has me interested he has stopped? or does he expect me to text him or what? should I not give this any importance or does it mean something?


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  • Ehh, it's a messy thing. I know girls expect guys to chase and chase, but we end up feeling like the girl doesn't really care or she's just tolerating us. I had gone out with this girl before, twice, then dropped contact, partially because I felt like she didn't really care. We talked on and off for the next few months, and I thought she never really gave a damn about me... then I overheard her ranting to the school counselor about someone who matched me exactly.

    Look, my suggestion, as a guy? If you're going out with him, then on a date, tell him that you like him and that you miss how he would text you every morning.


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  • I don't know if he was playing games or not..

    He was going that extra mile to text you good morning, because he was the one that seemed like he was initiating all the time. And when he brought up the issue and you responded to it, he felt like he didn't need to maybe.

    If he still responds regularly, I don't see a problem..

  • It is all about showing appreciation. the girls that get all the guys are the ones that know how to show it that they appreciate you, enjoy your company etc. stop making him guess cause the more the guesses the more he just thinks you are not interested.

  • this sounds more like a game then a possible relationship

    and in every game I have ever seen there is always a winner and a loser..

    somehow he has created rules that you can not see or even ask about..

    and indication of who is going to be the loser?

    it is quite clear

    although there was this game that my aunt bought me when I was younger called "The Ungame" which did not have a winner or a loser...That Game sucked so I went and sold it to a church...So I guess I still won...WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER


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  • It kind of sounds as if he's playing games. I mean, the moment you start showing interest he draws back ?

    He should be jumping on the occasion instead of backing away.

    My advice is trust your gut feeling. If you guys aren't dating yet and he's already playing those games, how do you think it's gonna be when you guys finally date?