Why has he stopped contact? Has he lost interest?

I need some advice on a situation with a guy becoming distant.

We spoke everyday, texts throughout the day everyday. Asking each other questions and getting to know each other. It became apparent that we were very alike. He would generally initiate the texts, always wanted to know what I was up to and how my day was going.

We did sleep together very early on, but he still showed interest so I didn’t think he was only after one thing.

He invited me down to his for the weekend as we both have busy schedules we planned this for in a few weeks time.

We were due to meet at the weekend for an Event and we were both very excited about this. He text me just days before saying he can’t stop thinking about me and how he was looking forward being with me.

When we arrived at the event, he was very affectionate. He asked me to think about going on a trip with him (and his family) early next year. We did spend the night together. In the morning, we did chat about a lot of things including the banter our friends had giving out the night before. I asked him what he said when people mentioned ‘us’ and he said ‘nothing that it is none of their business’, he said he is happy with how things are and didn’t want to do or say anything to ruin that – which I agreed with as I truly do agree.

On Saturday I expected him to at the bar that night, but was later told by one of my friends that the boys had headed offsite to a pub. (I did find this strange in a way as he is normally always texting telling me what he is doing and asking what I am doing)

The boys arrived back onsite near closing time. They were very drunk, and he paid no attention to me at all. I did eventually go to speak to him and he seemed off. I asked him what was wrong and his response was ‘what do you want from me’ I told him I would speak to him when he was sober.

I went to bed myself and next morning, he did come up and casually chat with me. He admitted he couldn’t remember a thing about the night before. I asked him if he remembered being rude and abrupt to me to which he didn’t and apologized for being a ****.

I did ask him if everything was OK, to which he said nothing had changed as far as he was concerned.

We did chat a bit more but something still wasn’t right. When I was ready to leave I went over to tell him (as we wouldn’t see each other for 2 weeks) he was packing up so I wasn’t expecting much from him but all he said was OK, sorry I am a bit disposed at the moment and didn’t stop what he was doing.

I did text him that night, to see if he would respond. He didn’t get back to me until the following morning, saying that his phone had died and so had he. I responded to say that was OK and asking if he had a busy day planned to which he responded ‘yep’. That was the last I heard from him. It was only 3 days ago but as I said he used to text all the time.

Any suggestions as to what has happened / gone wrong and what I should do now?

Why has he stopped contact? Has he lost interest?
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